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The League of Extraordinary Bastards. Patron organization of ne'er-do-wells throughout history. Rasputin, Dr. John Dee, Machiavelli, Jack the Ripper, Abraham Lincoln, and far too many others to name have all held membership in this nefarious organization at one point or another in history.

Ever wanted to claim membership in the most notorious, illustrious band of villains ever to walk the face of the earth? Now you can! The League of Extraordinary Bastards Membership Card gives you proof beyond doubt of your membership in the organization, perfect for daunting heroes any day of the week.

Each card is business-card-sized, and comes printed on our high-quality cardstock- lamination is not included, giving you the opportunity to modify it as you see fit. Cards a made to order, and can be filled in with all manner of information. (Please specify name, rank, and membership date in the "notes" section when ordering, or your card will be shipped blank)


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