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Support the wrist, protect the knuckles, keep the thumb out.


Just as Saint Guthrie would've wanted.

Keep in mind that these are not intended as tools of pure violence. Hands do so much to fight fascism in addition to punching hateful bigots in their invariably glass jaws. And these wraps, heavily constructed by hand in our good heavy oiltan hides, emblazoned with the always welcome slogan "THIS MACHINE KILLS FASCISTS" on the back, not to mention the additional "NAZIS FUCK OFF" transliterated in futhark runes on the wrist strap will keep those hands in good condition, protecting and supporting them through whatever you need to do. Available in black or brown hide, with nickel, brass, or nickel-free copper hardware.

 At the same time, like a good punch, the fight against fascism always needs more support. So we're donating 10% of any sales from these items to a different antifascist cause each month. Want to find out who we're supporting this month? Track us down on social media- if you don't see it posted, you can always ask, or suggest one.

Hand/Leather/Metal: Qty: $55.00