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A brown leather shrug, cyberpunk styled, featuring decorative work reminescent of circuit boards and Japanese oda crests

The smell of burnt chrome and acidic rain falling over the ramen shop from the dead television channel sky mixed with the flicker of stale neon and the light glinting off the Militech Avenger in your hands. One way or another, it looks like it's going to be another Fiday Night Firefight. At least this time, you've got the height of fashion and armor at the same time. Premium oiltan leather, decorated with the Arasaka Megacorporation logo burned into the back (might give corpsec a pause, might not, but it looks rabid either way). Built to fit like a glove and move like a panther whether it's over a combat jumpsuit or an evening gown.

Available in black or brown leather, with copper or nickel hardware.

SIZING: Shrugs come in three main sizes- for fitting, measure across your back from the outer top of one shoulder to another.

Small: Fits up to a 17 inch shoulder width

Medium: Fits up to 20 inches

Large: Fits up to 22 inches.

If you need a size outside of these ranges we are completely happy to do custom sizing to fit your needs- just send us an email.


Size/Leather/Hardware: Qty: $250.00



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