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Need to get that point across nice and sharply? Want to add the perfect wicked accent to that costume, cosplay or outfit? These are just what you need.

Hand cut and assembled from our durable oiltan hide, these rings will leave a lasting impression on anyone who sees you in them.

Sizing: All rings are measured at the LARGEST ring. Measure your own finger at the point closest to your hand for sizing. All rings are intended to extend past the length of your fingertip.

Small: 2.75 inches in diameter. 3.25 inches long.

Medium: Approximately 3.25 inches diameter. 4 inches long.

Large: 3.75 inches diameter, 4.25 inches long.


Color/Size: Qty: $15.00

Claw Rings- for when you need to get the point across. Skull not included.