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Here, then, is a bag in which to keep thy fucks.

Be thankful that it is indeed empty.

 Yes, ladies and gentlemen, It's exactly what it looks like. One of our slide-on utility pouches with hand-burned detailing to give it just the right label for whatever you may decide to keep in there.

The pouch itself measures at five-and-a-half inches wide, by four inches tall, by one inch deep. the slip on the back of the pouch can accomodate any belt up to a two-and-a-half inch width.

Color: Qty: $50.00

Filled Bag of Fucks

We're not telling what's inside. And you may not want to know.

Color: Qty: $130.00

The Bigger Bag

Only one thing's better than an empty or filled Bag of Fucks. And that's one that holds even MORE. A full 50% increase in size, measuring in at 5.5x5.5x1.5 inches, this pouch has room for nearly all the fucks you don't need. That said, it is only available in black, with black hardware.


Qty: $70.00