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"Take the hand of a hung felon from a gibbet beside a highway; wrap it in a funeral pall and squeeze it well [to get out all the blood]. Then put it into an earthenware vessel with zimat, nitre, salt, and long peppers, the whole well powdered. Leave it in this for a fortnight. Next make it a candle with the fat of a gibbeted felon, and use the Hand of Glory as a candlestick to hold this candle when lit.

While the candle was lit, it was believed that the inhabitants of the house would continue to sleep deeply and not be awakened by the thief. "

-The Lesser Grimoires

This artifact is a truly unique piece- a full six-fingered hand, fashioned from actual bone, with hand-bound guidebook.

THIS PIECE HAS BEEN SOLD. If you're interested in purchasing one of my other pieces, or commissioning a custom piece, please contact me.