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Infernis Shrug  

The apocalypse will be synthesized.

Built to fit like a glove and move like a panther whether it's over a combat jumpsuit, an evening gown, or nothing at all, the new Infernis Shrug brings a mix of arcane rebellion and cyber-styling across richly decadent natural leather.

Available only in our new red oiltan hide, with nickel or black hardware.

SIZING: Shrugs come in three main sizes- for fitting, measure across your back from the outer top of one shoulder to another.

Small: Fits up to a 17 inch shoulder width

Medium: Fits up to 20 inches

Large: Fits up to 22 inches.

If you need a size outside of these ranges we are completely happy to do custom sizing to fit your needs- just send us an email.


Size: Hardware: Qty: $250.00



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