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Infernis Skirt  

"The Devil's in the discotheque."

"...don't you mean the details?"

"I meant what I said, grab the holy water and your gogo boots. We've got work to do."

The Infernis is the first of our paneled miniskirt line, designed to make a great sexy bit of accent wear that still keepscoverage where you'd prefer it, complete with four spikes on each hip as devilish accent or to deter the overeager. And in a mix of red and black oiltan, it's sure to both feel and look great for years to come.


Small: 30-38 inches adjustable for waist or hips.

Large: 40-48, again, adjustable to either waist or hips.

If you need a custom size outside these ranges, please, just let us know.


Size: Qty: $115.95

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