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The absolutely most versatile armor we make in terms of sizing, the Legionnaire is designed so that it can be worn by virtually anyone, while still offering a good level of double-layered protection across the body.

Our leather armor line is designed to offer good basic protection for light to medium LARP combat, and yet still look amazing enough to catch any eye as part of a cosplay or costume. (please note, there may be some variation between models of this armor as we refine the design further to keep offering a good balance of versatility and protection)


SIZING: The Regular version of this armor will comfortably fit a 36-42 inch chest, and a 32-39 inch waist. The Large is sized to fit a 40-55 inch chest range, and will handle up to a 45 inch waist.

The Legionnaire can also expand from a six inch gap over the shoulder to up to a full foot, so that the main torso plates can still fit over the body properly while allowing a full range of movement.

If you need a size outside of these ranges, or want this custom-fitted for an exact fit, we are completely happy to do custom sizing- just send us an email.


Size/Color: Qty: $520.00


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