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...he looked down into the twin barrels of the derringer nervously "Now where did you get that?"

"That's for me to know, and you to wonder about, sweetie." Her grin faded, becoming all business. "Now hand over the merchandise."

The Marauder features a 3-inch wide belt of our heavy 4.5 ounce oiltan hide that can size anywhere between 25 and 40 inches, making it perfect for most waist and hip sizes (as always, should you need a size outside that range, don't hesitate to contact us- we have no problem doing custom builds). Suspended from that is a 30-inch length skirting cut from 2 ounce black cowhide, left ragged to work perfectly for all manner of fantasy, gothic, or postapocalyptic looks. The front apron, also cut from oiltan adds both extra protection and coverage, and works as a movable access panel for an extra layered look.

And of course, we've also added in a concealed pocket in the back panel, with approximately a 4x4x.5 inch space- perfect for holding a few small necessities.

 Available in brown or black belting with brass or nickel hardware.

Hide Color/Hardware : Qty: $180.00


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