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Modulus Shrug  

Let's just be upfront right now. It's a killer half-jacket with aesthetics that work for cyberpunk, fantasy, gothic, almost any setting you want to put it into. And it comes with a wide, deep hood that easily folds down or snaps off if you decide you want to go without. Do we really need to say any more?

Of course we do. It's also available in black or brown leather, with brass, copper, or nickel hardware. And the added o-ring attachment points are the perfect location for tying on anything else you may need, or snapping on any kind of strappy accessories you might need to bring along.

SIZING: Shrugs come in three main sizes- for fitting, measure across your back from the outer top of one shoulder to another.

Small: Fits up to a 17 inch shoulder width

Medium: Fits up to 20 inches

Large: Fits up to 22 inches.

If you need a size outside of these ranges we are completely happy to do custom sizing to fit your needs- just send us an email.


Size: Hardware: Qty: $329.95




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