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O'er Mithgarth Hugin | and Munin both
Each day set forth to fly;
For Hugin I fear | lest he come not home,
But for Munin my care is more.

-GRIMNISMOL, The Poetic Eddas

This mala is designed as a meditation on memory and the strength of the mind. Strung with 64 14mm lava beads on heavy red cording, and measuring a full 33 inches in length, it also features a brass-plated corvid skull, in honor of Muninn, Odin's raven of Memory. A blend of Norse pantheon mysticism and Buddhist (or modern) meditation practice.


Qty: $55.00

For those wishing for something smaller, this wrist mala has everything the larger version does, aside from having only 19 beads in addition to the corvid skull. Perfect for looping around a wrist or pair of hands.


Qty: $35.00

A prayer-bead mala made from lava with a crow skull focal bead

A smaller wrist-sized version of the necklace above

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