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Inspired as a mix of the classic Plague Doctor concept with heavy influences of the idea of a fantasy world that had undergone numerous climate (and other) apocalypses, the Plague Ward is designed to be a workable medium-weight armor set, giving the wearer general protection from the terrain and environment, utility in the form of the various tools, pouches, and weaponry included in the set, and still leave the wearer with a good range of mobility.

Features and props included in this set:

Skull-topped staff

Bone-bladed dagger with sheath

Sample vials on arm

one 6x4x2 pouch on each thigh

SIZING: This version has the following sizing ranges for the main body.

Bust: 34-40
Waist: 25-31
Hips: 34-40

Of course, this is a custom-order only piece, and we can work with whatever measurements you need. Please keep in mind that a custom work of this size and complexity can take several months to complete. To order either the version shown in these images, or to custom order something similar for yourself, please contact us via email at

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