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Plundering the wreck of a gigantic warship on a dismal desert planet? Fighting a space wizard in a frost-rimed forest? Seeking out the ruored Wise Man who can finally teach you to fulfill your destiny? Just want some decent wrist protection that doesn't involve a lot of hardware?


Relax. We've got you covered. Our new scavenger wrap does it all, and looks great at the same time in either color. And thanks to the tension-lock design of the wrap, once it's cnched down, the pressure from multiple layers of leather ensures that it won't be slipping off your wrist at a crucial moment, yetflexes enough to allow for easy non-restriced movement. Perfect for when you have to chase down that robot and ex-Trooper.

Sizing: The base-sized scavenger wraps will cover up to an 8.5 inch wrist comfortably, with no bottom limit for size (just keep wrapping and tucking the leather around as needed.) If you need bigger, just let us know, we'll be glad to do one up custom to fit at no extra charge.

Color: Qty: $30.00

Scavenger Wrap- a leather wristwrap designed to tension-lock itself on the wearer's wrist
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