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"Would you kindly put this on and follow me?"

Perfect for taking a hop down a hole when pursued by a madwoman, or for blending in on the broken streets of an undersea dystopia, the Rapturous Rabbit is painstakingly hand-detailed in our finest leather, and ready for wear at any masquerade ball, incognito event, or maniacal run through the streets you may want to take.

Qty: $85.00

"Spliced" Version

The standard Rabbit just too nice and pretty? Need to get your dark-streaked villainous urges shown forth in a mask just as damaged as your characters psyche?

...we've got you covered. Meet the Battle-Damaged Splicer mask. No two of these designs will be alike- we guarantee blood, bullet holes, and cut or torn sections, but otherwise we keep the damage unique to each mask.

Qty: $95.00

Rapturous Rabbit

Damaged Splicer

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